Luxury European ceiling and wall panels are designed for the decoration of walls and ceiling and for the creation of uniquely designed interior elements too. Panels allow for a great range of design solutions when using the natural wood textures on a project. Panels perfectly harmonize with other wooden interior elements, as, for instance, the hardwood flooring and wooden stairs. Such combination always accentuates the harmony of materials, shapes and colors.

Luxury European produces groove-and-tongue ceiling and wall panels in two variants:

  •  Finewood-veneered MDF. Used in public places with strict fire-resistance requirements.
    16х600х600 mm
    16х600х1200 mm

New generation Luxury European protective-decorative finish not only accentuates the natural beauty and distinctive appearance of real wood, but ensures the long life and easy cleaning as well. The finish itself can be matte or glossy, and the exposed surface can be either smooth or brushed to accentuate the genuine wooden texture.

So far, the manufacturing range of the company comprises wall and ceiling panels from oak, ash tree, maple and birch in different shapes and patterns. Company also produces custom panels from any wood species.

Wall panels are the perfect combination of aesthetic features, exploitation parameters and cost-effectiveness. The wide range of panels different is species and types of finish ensures the correspondence to any design of the room.


Luxury European Acoustic panels are designed and suitable for finishing of walls and ceilings in rooms with special requirements to the acoustic characteristics: concerto halls, theatres, recording studios, home theatres, conference rooms and others.

According to the purpose of the room, building structure and acoustics project, you will find the most suitable variants to meet the required acoustics and design parameters and requirements.

Dimensions: 16x192x2400 / 2750 / 3000 mm; 16x576x2400 / 2750 / 3000 mm; 16x600x600 mm; 16x600x1200 mm

Wood species: Oak, ash tree, American walnut, birch, maple and others.


Luxury European ceiling panels are used to decorate the interior of rooms. They combine the highest aesthetic and functional qualities. They attract designers as they allow building “wooden” elements of any kind into the interior.

Luxury European wall panels are groove finewood-veneered panels on MDF base.

Dimensions: 16х600х600 mm

Wood species: Oak, Ash, American walnut, Birch, Maple and others.

Ceiling panels are available with factory-applied UV-cured finishes.

Luxury European wall panels can be neatly combined with Coswick parquet flooring in colours. It allows increasing the range of possible design solutions.