The ultimate in dematerialisation

“For years I have been looking for a philosophy of forms capable of representing Man in the 2000s,
regardless of passing fads; a stable philosophy that isn’t subject to continuously changing colours, lines and surfaces.
I think this philosophy – which should become the foundation of the design and architecture of the third millennium –
should be based on the dematerialisation of products visually expressed by representing Flight and Lightness”

With these words, designer Gabriele Centazzo expresses the strong philosophical basis of the Riciclantica® collection. Dematerialization, the ethical imperative at the heart of Valcucine design, reaches its highest expression here: on the aluminum frame – resistant to water, steam and heat – the lightest and thinnest door in the world with only 2 mm thickness is inserted, which saves up to 85 percent of material compared to a traditional 2 cm door.