Continuous lines integration of volumes sinuosity

The result of creative research aimed at achieving a pure volume, Artematica Soft Outline kitchen looks like a single block in which the top, doors and side panels are integrated in a harmonious, continuous whole embellished with a metal profile. The “pure volume” effect of Artematica Soft Outline can be created with some finishes such as Vitrum – Valcucine glass in glossy and matt versions – ceramic, marble and the revolutionary Carbontec sintered stone.

The delicate, curvy line that runs along the kitchens edges defines its volume. As well as highlighting the seamlessness of its surfaces, this line compliments the image of the kitchen with refined elegance. 

Its clean, minimalist design is the result of advanced creativity and precise and careful processing techniques. Made using cutting-edge technologies, the slim anodized aluminium profiles – available in black, copper and bronze – become stylistic details that add refinement to the arrangement.

​Our search for new means of expression that enhance the perception of a pure volume produces a poetically elegant space in which rigour and softness meet in fine balance. 

To complete the kitchen layout is the new Insula bamboo counter with a tapered profile and rounded corners in line with the sinuosity of the Soft Outline profile. The 30° chamfer on the perimeter of the table allows to perceive the edge that is just 6 mm thick. The peculiar fixing system through special brackets allows to create a gap between the breakfast bar itself and the base unit’s volume, giving an additional feeling of lightness.