Riciclantica Outline

The beauty of a protected edge

Technical details and aesthetic language meet in a harmonious combination of formal balance and accurate detailing.

Valcucine’s continuous research and evolution rise to a straight, terse profile that runs along the edges of the kitchen and becomes the distinguishing element of the new Riciclantica Outline arrangement.
The grip recesses – Riciclantica’s hallmark – cut across base unit surfaces, setting off the result of our pursuit of utmost dematerialisation, letting you perceive the extreme slimness – only 2 mm – of the lightest door in the world. 

​This model’s pure lines can be enhanced by matching the door, top and side panel finishes. A stylistic choice that makes it possible to create a unit finished in a single material, for perfectly clean visual results. 
In harmony with the Riciclantica design philosophy, Valcucine proposes the new shelving system that defines and articulates spaces without closing them: even if it is used to separate the environment, it maintains an open-space layout.

The system has been studied to obtain maximum design flexibility: in addition to free installation, the shelving system can be used back-to-wall, with light-up backpanel, suspended from the ceiling with the possibility of integrating the hood or simply as an open wall unit.