LUSSO, INC. is currently looking for a full-time Interior Designer.

1. Create, modify, and refine interior design plans to conform to customers’ specifications, production limitations, and changes in design trends; create and finalize complete package of construction and cabinetry documents and take projects to completion;
2. Advise and discuss with customers about Lusso product features, differences with other brands, and answer any questions, such as explaining complicated technical jargons that an average consumer may not understand;
3. Coordinate with Drafters to work on the design and quote from beginning to end, assist customers to visualize and determine their ideal kitchen or bathroom remodel plans, educate customers with industry knowledge of cabinets, tiles, and appliances;
4. Implement and execute interior design elements, including space planning, layout, utilization of furnishings or equipment, color combinations, electrical placement and recommendations, installation drawings, and reconfiguration;
5. Monitor customers’ orders from point of sale to delivery, work closely with customers to keep them updated with the order processing time and to maintain high customer satisfaction during the timeline;
6. Use design skills to meet the highest satisfaction of customers through developing and determining key value proposition elements designed to exceed their expectations;
7. Utilize computer-aided drafting software and advanced technology to maximize efficiency in design projects, create aesthetic presentations, and provide professional guidelines for customers.

Master’s degree in Interior Architecture & Design, or Interior Design;

WORKSITE: 2219 Oakland Rd, Unit 10, San Jose, CA 95131

TO APPLY: Please send resume to LUSSO HR at 2219 Oakland Road, Unit 10, San Jose, CA 95131.