Terms & Conditions (version 2018.v.3)

Each product from Lusso Group, LLC (Lusso) shall be governed by these terms and conditions notwithstanding any other specific Terms & Conditions of our Manufacturers.  For custom made or custom fit Products such as kitchen, bath or closet cabinetry, custom made products or other custom made or custom fit products (“Custom Orders”) a separate agreement may apply.


  • Pricing

Product pricing is subject to change without prior notice. All prices quoted are exclusive of sales and use taxes which shall be added (if applicable) at the prevailing rate. All prices quoted are also exclusive of freight and delivery fees, unless otherwise stated. The Sales Order sets out the price and terms for payment and the amounts of any deposits. A fifty percent (70%) deposit is required to reserve the items on an order and payment in full must be received prior to scheduling delivery. In case of Special Orders and Custom Orders, unless otherwise agreed, hundred percent (100%) payment shall be required to place an order.


  • Payment

All remittances must be made to the order of Lusso in U.S. Dollars. Lusso reserves the right to require proof of Customer’s ability to pay prior to shipment of an order. If such evidence is not supplied, an order can be cancelled or credit earlier granted can be withdrawn.


  • Review your order

Customer shall confirm that the Sales Order contains full and accurate information of the ordered Products, especially product, price, quantity, payment and delivery information. Lusso’s assistance during the purchase process is based on the information the Customer provides. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide Lusso with accurate information. Lusso shall not be liable for any mistake arising from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Customer. Customer should verify quantities, dimensions, site conditions and other requirements with its installer before ordering, where necessary.


  • Pick up or Delivery

The delivery method shall be determined upon the competence of purchase process.


Lusso will provide the Customer with a best ESTIMATE of arrival of the Product. Once the Product is ready for delivery Lusso or the delivery company will inform the Customer and provide him/her with the available delivery dates within the next 30 days. Lusso will make its best efforts to reach the estimated date but the actual delivery date could exceed it due to circumstances beyond Lusso’s control. Notwithstanding the above, Customer may always be able to reach Lusso Store for re-schedules and questions about the status of the order. Lusso will always do its best to satisfy the Customer. Customer is responsible to provide Lusso with a valid and accurate shipping. Once delivery is confirmed, any failure by Customer to abide by the delivery schedule will result in re-scheduling fees or a small portion of storage fee to Customer. In the event Lusso makes a delivery attempt that Customer fails to receive, Customer shall assume the extra cost of the failed delivery in addition to the valid one.


Deliveries are to curbside. Lusso does not clean or remove trash or packaging after delivery. Delivery fees change depending location, please see the delivery contract. Inside delivery service may be purchased at an additional cost that will be quoted per job.


Delivery by Lusso to the initial common carrier shall constitute delivery to the Customer/Buyer. Lusso’s responsibility ceases upon delivery to the common carrier and all goods are shipped at Customer/Buyer’s risk.


Lusso is not responsible for damages to items that were not properly removed prior to the delivery arrival. The delivery crew is not authorized or insured to move items other than the Product being delivered. The delivery crew is not authorized or insured either to mount or drill any items on your wall, nor to connect or disconnect any media equipment.


Customer is responsible to make sure that the access to the site into which the items are to be fitted is sufficient for the size of the Products purchased and to modify the premises if necessary. If upon delivery the Product does not fit, the customer will still be responsible for the delivery fee. Customer must also provide the delivery vehicle with reasonable access to park and deliver, or give Lusso sufficient notice for reasonable arrangements for making deliveries.


Please note: Customer agrees to sign a delivery note as proof of delivery.


24 hours prior notification is required to schedule a pick-up in Lusso’s warehouse.

Lusso shall not be liable for any reasonable delay in performance or failure to perform which is attributable to any cause beyond its immediate control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, fire, or other catastrophes, strikes, civil disobedience, military acts fabrication delays, inability to obtain Items, or transportation delays. Hence, Lusso shall not be responsible for any labor charges, installation, or other consequential losses or incidental damages arising from such delays.


It is Customer’s responsibility to inspect the Products upon delivery or when picking up to ensure that they are in a satisfactory condition without any obvious damage and delivered in the quantities exhibited on the order. Damages shall be reported as indicated below.


  • Return policy and

Returns or exchanges will not be accepted without prior authorization (RMA) from Lusso customer services. Most regular stocked materials can be returned within 30 days of receipt of delivery.  A 20% restocking fee will be charged on approved returns after 30 days since the delivery date. Product must be returned or exchanged via prepaid freight, in full original cartons, intact undamaged and in salable condition. Any possible return shipping costs should be borne by the customer. You will need to contact us prior to returning the order to receive the proper return instructions. Special Orders, Final Sale items orders and Custom Orders may not be returned or exchanged.


  • Refunds

Purchases above $10.00 made by cash, check, and credit card will be refunded by check and mailed within 10 business days to the individual or company who appears in the original invoice.  


  • Cancellations

Orders with stocked material, final sale and special orders cancelled 24 hours prior to shipping for free. If Lusso receive the cancellation request after the order has been loaded and is in route to the shipping address, Lusso will charge all applicable shipping fees as part of restocking fee. The customer is solely responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs. Any items returned without return authorization, including canceled orders and refused shipments, are subject to an extra 10% restocking fee. 


All customized products, special order are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable.  If you decide to cancel an order, please call our customer care specialists immediately at 408-966-1118.




Once a product has been installed, it cannot be returned. Lusso is not responsible for product defect or damage, property damage or lost labor costs due to faulty installation.


Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of product. Thoroughly inspect all products before installation as use will constitute acceptance. Installed flooring and tile is considered the property of the owner/installer and cannot be exchanged or returned for any reason.


Defects. If Customer claims that defective Products have been provided by Lusso, Customer agrees to allow Lusso the right and access to inspect them at all reasonable times requested by Lusso. Until a claim is fully resolved, Customer agrees to hold the Products in good condition and take all care of them. Please refer to Warranty of the Product for further details. For any cancellation, returns or defects Customer shall provide the following information to its Lusso Store: Authorization Number, Invoice Number, Item Number, picture of the product and description of the problem.


  • Installation:

All Products should be installed according to the approved industry standards and Lusso’s installation instructions and Customer shall provide its installer with the Installation Instructions from Lusso. Installation of the Product constitutes its acceptance.

Installation services are not included in this Agreement. In the event Lusso provides installation services, a separate written agreement must apply.


  • Sample Policy

Product samples may not be an exact match to supplied materials due to variations in batch manufacturing (similar to floor and tile colors or other textiles manufactured in batches). A sample product is merely a representation of a product. This means the supplied materials may have slight differences in color, shade, and/or surface appearance.


  • Accepted Variations

Some Products have variations of shading, size and finish which shall not be considered defects. Natural Products (made from materials such as marble, wood or stone) have a greater degree of variation than any of Lusso’s other Products. This applies not only to shading but also to the pattern that is produced with a Natural Product. The fact that the material is natural means that it may present imperfections inherent in its nature such as knots in wood, different shading, color or different intensity and orientation of veining in marble. It is impossible to get two Natural Products that are the same as each other in shading and/or design. Customer agrees that any Natural Product supplied will not be equal to the ones in the catalogue or showroom, but will be similar.


Natural Products require special care, in order to maintain its quality and beauty; Customer must follow all the instructions provided in the Warranty, Maintenance Guideline and Installation Instructions of the Product. The measurements provided in the packaging, sales order or other documents may be rounded up; please contact your sales representative for accurate measurements.


*Lusso Inc. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


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